Ready for a run in the snow
Ready for a run!

About Me

I’m Ben Smith – a twenty-something professional who started running to work as a way to beat the flab and build some fitness. Since starting to run commuting, I’ve gone from being unable to run 500 metres to being a regular half-marathoner. From losing weight to getting fit, run commuting has enabled me to make huge improvements to my life.

About RunWork.net

RunWork.net is a great resource for all the information you could ever need about running to work. Whether you are looking to run to work for the health benefits, to save money, or just to improve your lifestyle, I want to make the transition to run commuting easy for you.

Running to work is more popular now than ever. In fact, the general desire to become a runner has never been higher, especially after the recent explosion of high profile runners and the phenomenal success of books such as “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall or “Ultramarathon Man” by Dean Karnazes.  Of course, many serious distance runners begin their career by running to work.

Many people who wouldn’t have ever considered themselves runners are now pursuing run commuting as a weekly or daily option with more excitement than ever. Running to work is a booming trend which brings a huge number of benefits and improves so many aspects of life, and I’m here to help you get going.

I realize that many of you who want to get started running to work do not already run regularly, and many of you do not know what about the planning and preparation required to make a successful leap into run commuting.

Additionally, many of you who already do log a decent number of miles each week may want to get new kit or find new tips to make the transition to running to work, but do not yet know what your options are, or where you can get additional information from.

This is why I created RunWork.net – to help lead you successfully into the wonderful lifestyle of run commuting.

What’s Unique About RunWork.net?

There are a huge number of running websites and communities out there, and there is a range of resources that are available online about how to begin running to work. But almost all of the websites we’ve come across are too brief, don’t give enough detail, or only skim the surface of the reality of run commuting. Often users don’t know where to get started and other sites can confuse you so much you’re less likely to run to work than when you started.

My goal is to make the process of beginning to run to work as simple and as easy as possible for you to follow. I want to help you through the whole journey so you can focus on hitting the road without a care in the world.